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Smoking increases your risk for cervical cancer.

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Do you smoke #tobacco in any form?

Do you know #smoking doubles a woman's risk for developing cervical cancer?

Every year, cervical cancer kills more than 60,000 women in #India alone.

In women who smoke, tobacco by-products have been found in the cervical mucus (the fluid or gel-like discharge from the cervix of the uterus).

Scientists believe that these tobacco by-products damage the DNA of the cells in the cervix and can contribute to the development of cancer. In addition, smokers have lower immunity. So, their body has decreased ability to fight HPV infection. HPV or human papillomavirus is a type of virus that causes #CervicalCancer.

Cervical cancer can kill! Stop smoking! Save yourself from cervical cancer!

Read more at:

ICO/IARC Information Centre on HPV and Cancer. India: Human Papillomavirus and Related Cancers, Fact Sheet 2018.

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