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Universities, Research Institutions, and Hospitals
Increasing the impact of your research efforts.

Research Training

Online coaching and hands-on workshops for students and faculty members on research ethics, national and global research guidelines, research methodology, and statistical analysis to improve their research and analysis skills.

Academic Writing Training

Customized online coaching and hands-on lectures, seminars, as well as workshops for students and faculty members on writing their grant proposals, theses, study reports, and manuscripts for publication in research journals. 

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Writing Support

Professional writing support helps ease your load by preparing drafts of the manuscript and making your research output submission ready. 

Publication Assistance

Editing the manuscript for language and content; helping researchers choose the right journal for their manuscript, formatting the manuscript as per journal specific guidelines, and helping authors through the publication process. (1).jpg (4).jpg

Post-Publication Support

Providing after-submission support by ensuring appropriate revisions in response to the peer-review comments and preparing the documents needed for resubmission. 

Research Promotion

Helping your research reach a wider audience through lay summaries, infographics, slide presentations, press releases, etc. (6).jpg (7).jpg

Brand Promotion

Consultation services for appropriate promotional strategies, brand positioning, and website content that showcase your team's skills and research outputs. 

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