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Hazlo Skill Enhancement Programs (Hazlo SEPs)

Discover our range of services designed to enhance your skills and knowledge. Join our upcoming skill enhancement programs to stay ahead in your career. Our expert instructors will guide you through comprehensive curriculum tailored to your needs. Choose the HazloSEP(s) that best suit(s) your current requirement to make your learning experience worthwhile.

Basics of Medical Writing (BMW)

A 7-week instructor-led online course

Global medical writing market size was valued at 3.8 billion USD in 2022. It is expected to grow at over 10% till 2030. Medical writers write content for a wide variety of audience from doctors, nurses, hospitals, to patients, and the general public.  


This 7-week course with live interactive sessions every Sunday morning, will help you understand if there is a type of medical writing that you are best suited for and give you a basic knowledge and hone your skills. We shall also introduce you to the guidelines, checklists, tools and software you can use to make your work faster and to minimize errors.

Read more about the course. 

Looking for a different SEP? 

Personalized Learning Experiences

Hazlo offers a customized learning experience on all our Hazlo skill enhancement programs (HazloSEPs). If you do not find an open SEP that suits your needs, our dedicated support team is here to assist you.


We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and success in your learning journey. Our curated SEPs are usually on topics related to health, medicine, research including clinical research, literature search, reference management, journal selection, medical writing, peer review, communication skills etc.


Tell us more about what you would like to learn and we will put in our best efforts to make it happen through the more engaging offline face-to-face session or the more flexible online session to help you learn from the comfort of your home. 

Write to to tailor an SEP for you or your team. 

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