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What a year it was!  The COVID-19 pandemic brought about many changes in how companies functioned. Hazlo was no different.
From the traditional classroom workshops with lots of face-to-face interactions among the participants and the trainers, we moved to more of online trainings and health awareness workshops through the web. 
Please scroll down to see some of the moments that we cherished. Here's a glimpse of some of Hazlo's activities during 2020.
22 Dec, 2020: Dr. Natasha Das guided 3 resident doctors from different ophthalmology institutions on writing case reports. This guidance was provided as part of the Ophthalmologists Research and Publication Initiative (ORPI) Webinar Series - 9. 
ORPI-9 (1).jpg
8 Dec, 2020: Dr. Natasha Das as speaker on “Ethical considerations to keep in mind when writing a case report” during Ophthalmologist Research and Publication Initiative (ORPI) Webinar Series-8. 
24 Nov, 2020: Ophthalmologists Research and Publication Initiative (ORPI) Webinar Series - 7 on "HOW TO READ AND UNDERSTAND A RESEARCH PAPER". Six ophthalmology resident doctors from different hospitals, with the help of their respective guides, discussed a paper on retinoblastoma of prematurity which had been published in a well-reputed journal. Dr. Natasha Das was a moderator and added valuable inputs on how to read a paper. A pleasant surprise for the participants was the last word and some first-hand clarifications provided by the first author of the paper being discussed.
27 Oct, 2020: Hazlo celebrated the Open Access Week. A live discussion with experts from the field of scientific publications and information sciences about the evolution of open access models and how journals can have a sustainable existence even when they allow free open access of research publications.
23 Oct, 2020: Dr. Natasha Das conducted a mini-workshop for the final year students and faculty members of the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi (SPA-D) on "Academic Research Writing". 
SPA-Academic research writing
11 Oct, 2020: Hazlo turned one and conducted a live public discussion on mental health issues faced by people during the pandemic. The subject matter expert for this virtual event was Dr. Sheikh Abdul Basir, a consultant psychiatrist working in Delhi. 
mental health.jpg
29 Sep, 2020: At the Ophthalmologists Research and Publication Initiative (ORPI) Webinar Series - 3, Dr. Natasha Das spoke on "Identifying possibly 'predatory' journals".
15 Sep, 2020: Dr. Natasha Das as a panelist during Ophthalmologist Research and Publication Initiative (ORPI) Webinar Series-2
6 Mar, 2020: A training session on "Writing and Publishing a Research Paper" for faculty members and postgraduate students of the departments of Pathology and Physiology of SCB Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack. 
18-19 Oct, 2020: Dr Natasha Das helped develop the concept, design and exercises, and spoke on three different topics  during a "2-day Workshop on Research Manuscript Writing" by Indian Society for Clinical Research (ISCR) at Ahmedabad. 
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